Toronto: Victims or Pirates?: A Discussion of Artists and ©opyright

From the events calendar of the Ontario College of Art and Design


Pending legislation seeks to extend and increase copyright 'protection' in the name of artists, even as digital technology moves to abolish the distinction between the original and the copy. Is more copyright better for artists? Does copyright block freedom of speech? Can artists sample AND collect royalties without hypocrisy? To find out more about this debate, please plan to attend a discussion with:

RICHARD FUNG (moderator), Faculty of Art, OCAD

LAURA MURRAY, English Department, Queen's University

KARL BEVERIDGE, visual artist and National Vice Representative, Canadian Artists / Representation/Front des artists canadiens (CARFAC)

JOHN GREYSON, filmmaker and video artist, Department of Film and Video, York University

CHARLIE ANGUS, musician (Grievous Angels), NDP MP and critic for Canadian Heritage

Wednesday, March 30 at 7pm

Ontario College of Art and Design

Room 190 (Auditorium)

100 McCaul Street (south of Dundas Street, St. Patrick subway)

FREE and open to the public

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