Mr. Andy Savoy in Hansard on Music Industry...

Edited Hansard from Wednesday, November 24, 2004.

Music Industry

Mr. Andy Savoy (Tobique—Mactaquac, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, it is my pleasure to inform the House that Music in Canada Coalition, or MICC, is in Ottawa today for the first time, meeting with all parties on matters of great economic and cultural importance. MICC unites, with one voice, more than two dozen associations representing the more than 46,000 Canadians working in all aspects of the music industry.

The Canadian music industry continues to grow new talent and increase its presence on the domestic and international music scenes, due in large part to the Government of Canada's support through the Canada music fund which expires at the end of this year.

Canadians from every province, territory and constituency have benefited from the Canada music fund, and all Canadians benefit from its success.

The Department of Canadian Heritage, in its latest report on plans and priorities, clearly speaks of the fund's success when it states, “Continued, stable investment in sound recording through the Canada Music Fund is essential to continued growth and success”.

I urge all members of the House to support MICC in its call to renew the Canada music fund with long term stable funding to help the Canadian music industry address ongoing challenges, new technology and an increasingly competitive landscape.