Why OpenOffice.org?

People have asked me quite a few times why I insist on using OpenOffice.org as my PC office product. I have written a commentary, "Why OpenOffice.org?" at http://www.pc-tools.net/comment/openoffice/

I encourage everyone to take a look. Have I missed any important points? Perhaps you might run across a new reason to switch from that klunky MS Office system.

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Just thought I'd mention, my

Just thought I'd mention, my above article also got coverage at linuxtoday.com, where there are some additional comments from readers about the subject


Love this feedback....

One user said:

As for popularity of MS Office, I think you are mistaking popularity with addiction. People use Microsoft Office for two reasons - ignorance of OpenOffice and lock-in to Microsoft file formats. MS Office is popular in the same way as heart disease is the most popular way to die.

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