Harper Government announces last step implimenting C-11

In a press release, the Harper Government Announces the Coming into Force of the Notice and Notice Regime, using the same language they used to promote the controversial bill.

While I agree that the copyright portions of that bill could be claimed to be "balanced", I will still state the anti-technology ownership "TPM" sections of the bill were unbalanced.

Given the variety of house and senate bills proposing information disclosures without court oversight being pushed by the Harper Government, the notice&notice regime in the Copyright Act will soon be moot. It is highly unlikely that an aggressive copyright holder will use N&N when they will be able to get subscriber information without a court order and communicate threats directly to ISP customers.

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Thank goodness for the SCC

While Harper does tend to ignore the SCC, the ruling this week about need to obtain a warant to gather information may hold back the flood. Unless harper invoked the Nonwithstanding clause, the SCC ruling will not allow cases to be brought to court when the information they are based on was obtained without due process.

Natuaraly the Lawyers will claim their money anyway, and we will be unertian about anything for the next ten years.

I am afraid the COnsituion will also not be enough to stop the trolls.