Ongoing government dishonesty conflating Copyright with Counterfeiting

This isn't a new issue, even if there is a new Conservative Government bill C-56 tabled before parliament. The long and short titles tell a shortform of the dishonesty:

An Act to amend the Copyright Act and the Trade-marks Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts

Short Title: Combating Counterfeit Products Act

Counterfeiting involves being dishonest about the origins or contents of a product. Like trademark law, laws against counterfeiting should be a form of consumer protection, and it is this dishonesty that can cause the harm that the government is talking about: potentially harmful food/drugs, dangerous parts for vehicles, and so-on.

This has nothing to do with copyright law, so any honest (rather than counterfeit) bill tackling counterfeiting would not modify the Copyright Act in any way. This is a simple matter of a Government bill being dishonest about its origins (pressure from the US government to make further backward-facing changes to our Copyright law) or contents (copyright law changes don't have anything to do with counterfeiting).

If the short title was "Bending over for Obama" then it would have been far more accurate.