Commercial infringers demanding government gut laws protecting technology owners.

I sent the following to my MP and to the Minister of Industry:

Mr McGuinty, my MP for Ottawa South,
Cc: The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry,

As you know I have spent more than a decade working on protecting technology owners from various forms of infringement of their tangible property rights. Much of the threats to property rights comes from people and organizations falsely claiming such infringements are necessary to protect their rights.

To borrow from a related phrase: One owners right to protect their property ends at my right to protect my property.

Michael Geist posted an article talking about a group of commercial infringers who have been seeking to gut the anti-malware sections of Canada's anti-SPAM legislation.

These are *NOT* legitimate business interests, but a group of companies wanting to have their commercial infringements legalized and protected. What they are asking for is as legitimate as the Pirate Bay demanding that the Canadian government make it illegal for copyright owners to try to protect their own rights. Their requests should be rejected out of hand, and laws protecting the property rights of technology owners strengthened further.

This is related to what I wrote in my Bill C-11 brief which spoke about some of the worst infringers and inducers of infringement of technology property rights.

I hope you will bring this up with your caucus colleges and in the house, and ensure that Canada retains at least some respect for the property rights of technology owners.