Order Fixing Various Dates as the Dates on which Certain Provisions of the Act Come into Force

Many parts of the C-11 came into force on Wednesday as part of a notice in the Canada Gazette.

Also published on the same day: MicroSD Cards Exclusion Regulations (Copyright Act), which temporarily excludes MicroSD cards from the private copying levy. The government went out of their way to protect the levy (what they sometimes call a "tax") in Bill C-11 itself.

Sections relating to the two WIPO treaties will be delayed until it is confirmed that Canadian law conforms to the requirements of those treaties.

There is also a delay relating to the notice-and-notice regime for ISP liability.

To implement the notice and notice regime in a balanced, effective, and efficient manner, a delay is necessary in order to consider a regulatory process. Consequently, the coming-into-force date of provisions related to the notice and notice regime (specifically subsection 47 [41.25, 41.26, and 41.27(3)]), will be determined through a separate order-in-council process.