Harry Page, CEO, UBM TechInsights

Yesterday I asked if there were any technical witnesses at the Senate committee studying C-11. I have been pointed to Harry Page, CEO, UBM TechInsights, who appeared before Industry Committee (press release, Hansard from committee, audio/video) and then again at the Senate Committee on June 26'th at the 09:00 meeting.

The press release provides a summary of their primary issue. They are a company that, among other things, does technical forensics on behalf of copyright holders to detect infringement and enforce copyright. A prohibition on circumvention not tied to infringement gets in their way, as you need to circumvent TPMs in order to determine if the TPM is hiding an infringement.

This is the reality of TPMs in that they are neutral. It is just as likely they will be abused to infringe rights as they are to be useful in protecting rights. Any prohibition against circumvention must be tied to otherwise unlawful activity, with forensics and related activities required to enforce rights being made clearly lawful.