Latest correspondence with my MP, David McGuinty

I've been in communication with David McGuinty on technology law issues since May 2004, prior to the election when he became my MP. The latest correspondence was a package in the mail containing a copy of the official Hansard for Friday, June 15, 2012 with a tab highlighting his intervention on Bill C-11. On the front page was a hand-written note about the intervention, and his suggestion to me that I "keep up your good work".

While this area of policy is not his file, he decided to participate in the debate and register his opposition to "digital locks" not being tied to infringing purposes.

In my riding the next most likely party to win the seat is the Conservatives, and the nominated candidate for the past two elections is Elie Salibi. Mr. Salibi was in the room when the C-11 parliamentary committee was doing its clause-by-clause consideration, and it appeared to me that he was a proponent of the bill including its most controversial aspects.

While Mr. McGuinty has been a great MP in general, he is even the better choice for me on my primary area of policy. It is far better for my MP to not prioritize policy the same as I do than it is to have an MP who is an opponent in that area of policy.