Bill C-11 3'rd reading on Monday May 14.

The order paper for Monday May 14 included C-11 3'rd reading "debate".

There were motions to make amendments in the Order paper: Report Stage of Bills. These were from Mr. Bellavance (Richmond—Arthabaska) of the Bloc and Ms. May (Saanich—Gulf Islands) of the Greens, neither of which had party representatives in the committee studying the bill.

There are many more motions from Ms. May than the earlier list I commented on.

From the Hansard for Monday, May 14, 2012, the motions were divided into 2 groups and are now being debated. A notice of time allocation was included in Monday's debate.

I listened to some of the debate, which was quite familiar from previous debates. While we have a mildly amended bill now, not much changed in the debate based on what happened at committee.

The theme that emerged at committee still applies to this debate: The Conservatives have the Copyright aspect of the bill right, but the non-copyright aspect wrong. The opposition NDP, Liberals have the non-copyright aspects right, but the copyright aspects wrong (confusing C-11 with a Heritage arts funding policy debate).

Added in this debate is the Bloc who I believe are wrong on all aspects (copyright and non-copyright), and who I believe would do major damage to Canadian creators if they ever had real federal policy influence.

I've been fairly impressed with what the Green Party's Ms. May has been saying. Like most in the debate she doesn't have the technology background and thus mistakes TPMs as giving copyright holders too much power (actually, they take power away from copyright holders+device owners and transfer to device manufacturers). It may be the people who she has taken as council for this file, with Michael Geist often mentioned. He is someone I share many ideas with, except when it comes to the harm from real-world TPMs vs the Harry Potter version which most lawyers discuss.