Live tweeting bill C-11 legislative committee day 3

While I hope to post commentary later, I did live-tweet (via @russellmcormond)the two "Internet fora" I attended today.

In the morning I was at CIRA's Canadian Internet Forum. One of the panel speakers was Michael Geist who spoke about how the other "Internet forum" was happening in parliament with all the Internet regulation bills.

I then left CIRA's forum to head to center block of parliament to observe the Bill C-11 committe.

The CIRA fora had three screens at the front stage: one with slides in English, one with slides in French, and the one in the middle was displaying live all the tweets that had the hashtag of #CIRAIF. While they did have a Q&A session after each panel or speaker, most of the active participation by the audience was via that twitter feed. It was a very tech-friendly event, with many people actively participating on their mobile devices without that being seen as odd or rude (in fact, organizers tweeted that this was encouraged).

The C-11 committee was also live-streamed online, but did not have a twitter screen or any way for people online or in the audience at committee to ask comments :-) I did see some tweeting from Liberal MP Geoff Regan during the committee hearings, and saw some of the other MPs reading things on their mobile devices.