C-11 committee day 2 minutes available: initial witness list

The minutes from the in-camera meeting held on February 16, 2012, and it contains a list of organizations and individuals that will appear before the Bill C-11 committee. (Update: Notice of meeting 3)

As I look over the list I see many more of the familiar apologists for laws that will legalize and legally protect infringements of IT property rights such as James Gannon from law firm McCarthy Tetrault. What I hope to see are people who will defend against this lack of respect for property rights, with the obvious name that stuck out being law professor Jeremy F. deBeer.

Mr. deBeer has been writing about Paracopyright, the type of laws we see in Bill C-11 under the confusing title of "technological protection measures", for many years. One of the most visible works is a chapter in In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law titled Constitutional Jurisdiction Over Paracopyright Laws.

This chapter was authored in the context of Liberal Bill C-60 (2005), a bill which contained a translation of the "technological measures" aspects of the two 1996 WIPO treaties into Canadian legal language. Since that time the Conservatives have adopted language from the USAs DMCA which includes "access controls" which are even further away from the subject matter of copyright law, a lack of any tie between use controls and infringing purposes, and a prohibition on circumvention devices. The further these policies stray from anything resembling copyright law, the less these provisions may withstand a constitutional challenge.