Protecting the property, privacy and other rights of owners: Bill C-19 and Bill C-11

Given all the discussion about how the debate on Bill C-19 ended (Examples: Sheila Dabu Nonato for Postmedia News, Kady O'Malley for CBC) I decided to send Mr Larry Miller (MP for Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound) an email.

I will let fellow technology owners know if I get a reply.

Mr Larry Miller (Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound),

Most Canadians are aware of the emotion you have expressed in support of protecting long gun owners from what you believe to be an unwarranted intrusion on their property, privacy and other rights.

I wish you and your colleagues would express even a fraction of this emotion to protect the legitimate property, privacy and other rights and interests of technology owners (home computers, mobile phones and tablets, video game consoles, etc) which are under an even greater threat than the mere registration that was impacting gun owners.

The following articles and petition offer a good introduction to the issue.

The long computer registry and IT control

Petition to protect Information Technology property rights

Targeting technology ownership rather than copyright infringement

I live and work in Ottawa, and would be happy to meet you at any time to discuss this critical issue.