Canadians rally for day of action against Bill C-11 (Internet Lockdown)

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Canadians rally for day of action against Bill C-11 (Internet Lockdown)

Public Outcry Heats up Against Legislation that threatens Internet Freedom

February 10, 2012 – Today, public outcry will grow to new proportions for what many are calling “the Internet Lockdown”. People across Canada plan to come together online and offline to rally against Bill C-11, known as the Copyright Modernization Act.

The Canadian public outcry comes in the wake of the fervor surrounding SOPA—a hotly contested copyright bill that millions of Americans and make websites like Wikipedia and reddit successfully came together to defeat.

The grassroots group behind the No Internet Lockdown online petition,, is expressing its support for citizen actions today and encouraging Canadians to “make the Internet scream” by spreading the word online through social media.

As the bill rounds the bend of its second reading in the House of Commons, Canadians are calling on politicians to resist the efforts of the same Big Media lobbyists that pushed for SOPA in the US. Internet law expert Michael Geist recently revealed that behind-the-scenes, lobbyists are pushing for powers that include website blocking, Internet termination for people that threaten their business interests, and huge threats for sites that host user-generated content (like YouTube), in addition to the digital locks already in the Bill.

The intensity of public outrage grew this week as the government imposed a restrictive set of time allocations on the Parliamentary scrutiny of C-11, which looks like it will limit debate to this week.

“There’s a lot of energy around Bill C-11, thanks in no small part to the growing pro-Internet community,” says Steve Anderson,’s Executive Director, “Canadians are fed up with with our digital deficit, and with Big Media lobbyists pushing back against our interests. The consensus is clear: Canadians want an open and affordable Internet, not new restrictions. The majority of Canadians are against these provisions and it’s time for our voices to be heard.”

Canadians can spread the word about the bill and its potential SOPA-style amendments at

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