A short lived celebration

I celebrated Public Domain Day by sending a letter to my MP (David McGuinty in Ottawa South) and Senators for Ontario and Ottawa to highlight the public domain and the separate problems of Paracopyright.

Meera Nair wrote an article on how this may be a short lived celebration in that there is a desire as part of Trans-Pacific Partnership to extend the term of copyright from death+50 to death+70 years.

Copyright term extensions are a policy that has no proof helps any creator, and yet makes it much harder for creators to build on the past. This is a loose-loose situation for both creators and the general public, so can no be claimed to be a matter of balance between those interests.

The only potential beneficiaries of copyright term extensions are large media companies who see the public domain as competition for their government granted monopolies. This is not something the government should support, especially ones that allege to believe in less government manipulation of otherwise free markets.