Bill C-11 house debate day 3

On November 14, 2011 we had the third time when the House of Commons debated Bill C-11 (at Second Reading).

The most notable aspect of the debate for me is how the Conservatives are going out of their way to conflate the WIPO Paracopyright provisions (tied to infringing purposes, no restriction on circumvention tools, etc) and the non-WIPO (beyond-WIPO) Paracopyright provisions.

Asking questions about what happened in other countries that have ratified the two treaties is not useful, given it is false to suggest that all these countries are offering the beyond-WIPO Paracopyright provisions contained within Bill C-11.

I believe WIPO was wrong to include Paracopyright at all in 1996, a time that pre-dates nearly all the technology we are talking about today. They couldn't have understood back then the implications today of what they were doing. That said, it is possible to ratify those antiquated treaties with a minimum of damage to Canadian owners (copyright holders, owners of tangible media, software authors, and technology owners) by closely tieing Paracopyright to otherwise infringing activities.