Canadian Web filtering foreign policy ‘hypocritical’

An ITWorld Canada article by Kathleen Lau includes some quotes from an interview I did with her.

“In other words, exactly the same things that we would be highly critical of if the Chinese government were doing it,” said McOrmond of the proposed legislative changes. “I think there’s a very subjective, almost hypocritical way that we are treating the issue.”

As for the technology—Web content filtering—McOrmond said there are, like anything, as many beneficial applications for it as there are distasteful ones.

We had a longer conversion that discussed how technology is often neutral, and it is a matter of who controls it. For instance with cryptography and other so-called "digital locks" the question is not whether there is a lock, but who controls the keys.

It is important to realize that the difference between a home and a prison is who controls the keys.