Major label lobby group CRIA's dishonest name change

I offered the following as a comment to a Billboard article by Karen Bliss discussing CRIA's name change to "Music Canada".

Seems to be an ongoing thing where the more controvercial a group becomes, the more likely they are to change their name. There is also a desire by some organizations to change their name as part of a lobbying effort to confuse people as to what roll the specific organization actually plays.

CANCOPY became Access Copyright, and I expect them to change their name again. This name change was spin by an increasingly controversial organization, trying to shed some of the negative feelings associated with the previous name.

I suspect the Neighbouring Rights Collective of Canada became Re:Sound as part of the lobbying by "makers of sound recordings" (recording labels) to suggest they are equal or even "superior" copyright holders in the larger music industry compared to actual authors (composers). Saying they are only "Neighbours" to music copyright holders (composers) clarified their intended subservient position in the music industry.Having the lobbiest representing the major foreign record labels calling themselves "Music Canada" is a mixture of both dishonesties. It is a name change from a controversial organization, which will distract people with short memories. The name also invalidly suggests they represent the "Music" industry in "Canada". This organization doesn't represent the music industry, but the decreasingly relevant subset known as the recording industry whose interests often conflict with composers and performers who make up the critical parts of the music industry. This organization is also predominantly foreign -- they don't represent Canadian interests so much as representing foreign interests to Canadians.

Drew Wilson referenced the discussion on ZeroPaid.