The under-reported election story.

This paper shows how small vote manipulations can swing elections (Cite, PDF), showing that the "computer error" would not have to be major.

I have been amazed about how under-reported the approximately 1/3 ballot-less voting in the US election is receiving. There will be no record of the fraud, and even if an error were detected the blind trust of software vendors (authors of the secret election process) would have people misdirected into blaming "computer error".

See also e-Week: Digital Chads: E-Voting Errors Almost Inevitable, which focuses on "computer errors" and not on vendor manipulation of the election.

Notably absent from the event were executives of Diebold, which has sold its AccuVote touch-screen DREs to 37 states. Diebold, the most controversial of DRE voting machine vendors, has been widely excoriated for its chief executive's pledge to deliver Ohio to the Republican party.

They have a Politics meets IT special report section.