L’Étranger than fiction - Andrew Cash joins fellow band-mate in House

Quebec is not the only place where there are some new Official Opposition members we should take note of. Newly elected rookie MP for Davenport, Andrew Cash, was a fellow L’Étranger and is now a fellow NDP caucus member with childhood friend Charlie Angus. Mr Cash was also the co-founder of the Canadian Music Creators Coalition back in 2006.

While CMCC may not have been active recently, the fact that some of their members are MPs suggests that their positive message about the future of music and copyright may be better heard in the house.

Will some of the proposals to finally monetize music be realized? Will we finally get beyond the silliness of thinking that online music sharing is a "law and order" issue, and realize it is a "not easily for sale" issue?

Great to get more creators into parliament!

While I'm not a fan of the private copying regime (or other misapplied compulsory licenses) which I believe is costing artists money, I think the direction proposed by the Songwriters Association of Canada, which has been endorsed by the CMCC and people like Mr Cash, is the right direction to go.

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