Rookie MP Tyrone Benskin, ACTRA National Vice-President

Some of the new Quebec MPs will make some interesting influences on technology law such as Copyright. Newly elected rookie MP for Jeanne-Le Ber, Tyrone Benskin, is also (or rather was) the National Vice-President for ACTRA. Given he now has a more-than-full time job in Ottawa and his riding, he'll obviously be stepping down from his roll at ACTRA.

ACTRA has been fairly controversial within the copyright reform debates, being very visible asking for things which the technology community disagrees with (levies on private uses, non-owner digital locks, etc).

While you don't see it from official spokespersons, I've observed from meeting with individual ACTRA members (and reading BLOGS/etc) considerable divisions on policy ideas. The divisions exist between those who are music performers and those who are actors, as well as between younger members and those whose careers have been successful under traditional media.

I don't know Mr. Benskin's personal views on the issues he'll be dealing with as an MP, only what he has said as a spokesperson for ACTRA. He is now an MP, part of the NDP team, and will need to represent far more perspectives than he did in his roll at ACTRA. I suspect there will be some interesting conversations with Charlie Angus, musician (and more), who has been the key person advancing progressive cultural policy within the NDP in recent years.

ACTRA provides a link to a debate on CBC's Power and politics.

Tyrone Benskin, ACTRA National Vice-President and federal NDP Candidate for Jeanne-Le Ber, debates the importance of arts and culture on Power Play with Liberal Pablo Rodriguez and Conservative Tom Lukiwski. (skip ahead to an hour and 18 minutes)

I'm interested to hear what other people think about this newly elected MP, or others who they may have feeling on when it comes to their views on technology law.