New shape of federal parliament and districts I watched closely

Saying this was an interesting election to watch would be an understatement. The Conservatives received the majority they asked for with 167(54.2%) seats, but that wasn’t the biggest story for me last night. The NDP is now the official opposition with 102 seats, the Liberals are down to 34 seats, the Bloc may fade out of existence having barely kept 4 seats, and Green party leader Elizabeth May won her seat. It is clear that change was in the air, and change we received.

Now we will move to the hard part of governing. The Conservatives have some Progressive Conservative types who may be willing to aggressively ensure that Mr. Harper governs close to the center.

The NDP have a large, but very young and new caucus. Their learning curve is going to be massive, and there will be some bumps along the way which they will need to be very careful about.

The Liberals now need to take the time to figure out where they go from here, as will the Bloc who I hope will decide that the days of having a separatist party within the federal parliament are now over.

Saanich - Gulf Islands
Green Party leader Elizabeth May had a historic win with 46.3% of the vote, with past Minister Gary Lunn receiving 35.6% of the vote. Now comes the even harder part for Elizabeth, given she will now have the more daily scrutiny of her opinions as the sole representative in the HoC for the Green Party.

Ottawa South
David McGuinty was re-elected with 44.0% of the vote compared to Mr. Salibi’s 33.3%. He is now one of only 34 members of the Liberal caucus in the house. I also expect this seat to be in play in the next federal election.

Timmins - James Bay
Charlie Angus is being returned to parliament having received 50.4% of the vote, and the Conservative coming second at 31.7% of the vote. Congratulations, Charlie! He is also now a member of the official opposition with a new caucus of 102 members in strength!

Port Moody - Westwood - Port Coquitlam
Incumbent James Moore received 56.2% of the vote in his riding. My hope is still that he will change portfolios to one where his affinity for technology vendors like Apple won’t be as harmful as they were with him as Heritage Minister.

Parry Sound--Muskoka
Tony Clement received 55.8% of the vote, and is expected to remain in Cabinet. Will he remain Industry Minister, a job many feel he did well?

Kitchener - Waterloo
Peter Braid received 40% of the vote, likely due to the Orange Crush taking some votes that might otherwise have went for the Liberals. I suspect the techies I interact with in this riding may become strong supporters of electoral modernization, given vote splitting is a side effect of our antiquated First Past the Post voting system.

Pickering - Scarborough East
Incumbent Dan McTeague lost his seat to Conservative challenger Corneliu Chisu. I guess I will never get that meeting with him, unless he chooses to meet with me out of personal interest some time when he is in Ottawa. The invitation is still open to meet with past MPs who will likely be an active part of the re-building of the Liberal Party.

Marc Garneau is returning to parliament with 37.2% of the vote in a close race with NDP challenger Joanne Corbeil who received 35.6% of the vote. It will be great that he will be there in the house as the Liberals work to rebuild their party.

Justin Trudeau was given 38.4% of the vote, with the NDP and Bloc close in the mid 20’s. This young MP with a familiar name will likely be looked to by the party as a way to bring younger people back to the Liberals in the future. Along with Mr Garneau, it just may be we'll see some pretty forward-looking technology law coming from the Liberals.

Incumbent Pablo Rodriguez lost with 30.3% of the vote to NDP challenger Paulina Ayala who received 36.3%. There are many young and new NDP MPs that we will be learning about in their official opposition caucus.

Saint-Bruno - Saint-Hubert
Incumbent Bloc MP Carole Lavallée lost with only 28.2% of the vote to NDP Djaouida Sellah who received 44.6% of the vote! This seat loss was part of the sweep that brought the Bloc down to 4 seats. This is an end of an era, and I won’t be surprised or disappointed to see the 4 Bloc MPs cross the floor once again to other parties and let the memory of a deliberately one-province party fade away.

Edmonton - Mill Woods - Beaumont
Mike lake received 51.1% of the vote. I hope this parliament he receives a position within caucus/cabinet that will make adequate use of his talents. As a parliamentary secretary he would both be in caucus and able to help get good policy within committees.

Dean Del Mastro received 49.7% of the vote, with the Liberal and NDP candidates receiving low 20’s.

Incumbent Ed Fast won his seat with 63% of vote in 2008, and 64.8% of the vote this election. I continue to hope Mr. Fast will take the time over the summer to talk to the independent technology community so that he won’t remain a strong proponent for misunderstandings and misapplications of technology.