Wikileaks cables on Canadian copyright

Wikileaks released 1,800 cables on Canada on April 28. There are many focused on the US pressure on copyright and Michael Geist has published several posts based on those cables.

Drew Wilson reported on the cables, discussing some of the political impacts of the US influence as well as other Canadians who are speaking up.

It makes for an interesting read for those who consider technology law to be a factor in who they may vote for in the election. While there is suggestions generally that the Conservatives were happy to offer what the US interest groups were asking, there is also talk of an "influential Liberal MP" who I suspect is Dan McTeague.

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Level of CMPDA influence is also interesting

There's also an article in The Register mostly about camcording. It says that there's a wikileaks cable that says that “RCMP officers stated that they arrested the individual "as a personal favor" to a CMPDA official”.