Contrasting Telecommunities Canada’s digital society strategy with digital economy statements in Party Platforms

I have mapped the "core values" of Telecommunities Canada to statements on the digital economy included in Party Platforms. See:

The mapping illustrates a huge gap between TC’s and the Parties’ visions about the role of the Internet in social change. It suggests that a political climate in which the benefits of community networking can be discussed does not yet exist. It suggests effective political action on the part of TC requires much more than merely reframing a question for candidates. TC’s primary mandate, its reason to be, is to share the practices of community networking. Now, more than ever, Canada requires some kind of effective organization that can express the views, needs and interests of digitally literate and community minded people to the political parties, governments and the public at large. That’s still a job for community networks, whatever they’ve become. But it’s a job that rarely gets done. How should TC revitalize itself in order to address its primary task?