MP vows to quickly revive Copyright Bill in next Parliament

A Hill Times article discusses copyright, including some interesting quotes from Mr. Dean Del Mastro.

"If we want to maintain good trade relationships with the United States, if we want to be able to get a free trade agreement in place with the European Union, if we want to see the kind of growth in the knowledge-based economy that we believe is so important to Canada, then we have got to update the Copyright Act," Mr. Del Mastro said.

In one-on-one conversations with Conservative MPs and candidates I'm often "corrected" about my impression that the deciding vote between Ministers Moore and Clement on things such as technical measures was a matter of what our trading partners -- primarily the United States -- wanted. This article seems to suggest that Mr. Del Mastro has the demands of the USTR and USPTO as a high priority.

It is false to suggest that implementing what the US is demanding would be good for Canada. Their interests are as a competitor, wanting to increase their trade surpluses. Written from Canada's perspective, offering the US what they are demanding on technical measures will have the effect of increasing Canada's trade deficits.

While I agree that modernised copyright can help growth in the knowledge-based economy, I disagree about the impact of the largest (by number of words/etc) and most controversial aspect of the bill which was technological measures. I believe protecting non-owner locks on content and digital technology will greatly weaken our position in the knowledge economy, pushing Canadians further to only being audiences for the creativity of others.