Peter Braid Tweets on C-32 during #elxn41 (Updated)

In response to a tweet from me asking for comments about C-32 to add to the Kitchener - Waterloo district section of this site, incumbent Conservative candidate Peter Braid wrote:

A very strong Bill supporting innovation and IP that has died because of the Opposition Coalition's naked ambition #elxn41

Matthew Skala made the following two comments:

"@russellmcormond @peterbraid owes his incumbency to vote split by MacLellan of Greens - who courted #Waterloo geek vote by opposing #C32

#Waterloo constituents are technologists, know that copyright "reform" = selling out Canada to US big business, and will vote against it

I visited the riding to give a talk on Copyright that coincided with the last election. After inviting all area candidates to come and speak to a room full of technical people, only Kitchener - Waterloo Green Party candidate Cathy MacLellan decided to attend. I offered her a few minutes to discuss the Green Party position on copyright, open source, and other technology related issues at the end of my talk.

Last election Conservative Peter Braid unseated Liberal Andrew Telegdi with 21,830 votes to 21,813 votes. There were a couple hundred people in the room for the copyright talk, and easily as many as that vote split may have decided to vote Green based on what Cathy said at the talk.

I think constituents in this riding should be challenging candidates during this election on technology issues. It is very possible that the position of candidates on technology issues could become a deciding factor in this riding. It would be wrong to suggest technology community doesn't have an influence on technology policy.

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