Bloc brings in TV actor to battle Mr. Rodriguez for Honore-Mercier

According to CTV, Actor Martin Laroche, star of the French television series "François en series" who has played numerous other film, television and stage roles, was announced as the Bloc's candidate in the riding of Honoré-Mercier.

Liberal Pablo Rodriguez (Heritage critic, member of C-32 committee) won in 2008 with 43% of the vote, with a lower profile Bloc candidate coming in second at 28.1%. In 2006 it was 38.2% to 34.8%, and in 2004 it was 46.1% to 40.4%.

I would be interested to hear from people in the riding, and whether they have (or can) interview these two candidates on technology law issues. During C-32 committee meetings I had to look up when hearing a translation to be reminded whether it was Mr. Rodrogiez or one of the two Bloc MPs speaking as the perspective seemed quite similar.