Smoke and mirrors from Clement and Moore

Today Ministers Clement and Moore had a little show in Ottawa's Rideau Center where they made statements about the so-called "iPod tax". (See press release)

I find it frustrating that the Ministers claim to be so concerned about a levy on devices, while at the same time including legal support for non-owner locks on our devices in C-32. If I had to choose between non-owner locks or levies, I would choose levies every time. This whole exercise seems to be smoke and mirrors aimed at misdirecting technology owners from the attack on their rights embedded within C-32.

It does make me wonder if they are about to announce a back-room deal with one of the opposition parties that includes an extension of the levy. They don't want to push forward with the C-32 committee as it is unlikely that they will get through the existing witness list before an election is called.

So far the committee haven't met with many people offering views different than what was said in the hearings towards the 1997 or 1988 bills. The committee have not been prioritising new voices talking about the areas of C-32 such as TPMs which are entirely different than anything debated in the past.

(P.S. If anyone has posted video, please add a link in the comments.)

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Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright

BCBC sent out a press release. It should be noted that they are clearly against both levies on devices and non-owner locks on devices.

It is a position I agree with, but will always clarify that levies (or taxes) are far less dangerous to the economy than non-owner locks.

There is also a full article by">Sarah Schmidt, "Opposition MPs say Conservatives spreading 'lies' about copyright reform.

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