Conflicts of interest alleged in federal job exchanges

CBC's Julie Ireton has been doing some in-depth research of the Interchange Canada program. Myself and a few other GOSLING folks were interviewed early in the research.

See: CBC News article, Oct 32 episode of The House.

If I could advise on another step, it would be to investigate if there are any links between Interchange Canada and the Government On-Line problems exposed in the 2003 Auditor Generals report. While the (what I believe to be comparatively) petty cash of the sponsorship program is still being discussed, I seriously doubt anything was done with the Government On-Line problems.

While I believe this is an example of Parkinson's Law of Triviality (AKA: Bike Shed problem) mixed with some regional and ultra-partisan politics, it is well past time to investigate and fix some of the larger problems discussed by the auditor general. If parliamentarians and the media only pay attention to the comparatively trivial issues, it will create a disincentive for the Auditor General to actually do the important work.

Aside: Isn't the Auditor General's office itself a large user of the Interchange Canada program, and thus may itself be in a conflict of interest situation with auditing such a program?