60 Min report on e-vote, Wed Oct 27

There will be a report on e-voting on CBS 60 Minutes Wednesday,
tonight Wednesday , Oct. 27, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

See Paper Vote Canada for more information.

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Read the story...

I just want to recommend that everyone read the story on the CBS website while it is there. I don't know if CBS expires stories, but many news media do.

The machines are being set up in 29 states, and nearly a third of the nation’s voters are expected to use them on Election Day. One of the places they’ll find them is Palm Beach County, Fla., which was, in the last election, the home of the hanging chad.


"The situation that we are in today is that the voting system software is basically secret, basically a very dark, deep, dark secret," says Jefferson. "That is to say only a very tiny number of people in the United States have been allowed to inspect this software."

Given a third of people will be using these systems to vote, and that the process is secret, it seems inconceivable to me that this secret process will not be tampered with. The opportunity to tamper without detection is considerable!

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the video is now available

or if that doesn't work, try it via the Coral proxy network.

I also recommend a different, but also informative 30 minute video from www.votergate.tv