Online party of Canada

Some Canadians may be surprised we have 18 registered political parties, and two eligible (Pirate Party of Canada and United Party of Canada). I was also pointed to another party seeking to become registered called the Online Party of Canada.

The following is an excerpt from a comment I made to one of their issue proposals: Lowering the voting rights minimum age from 18 to 16

I am all for greater participation in politics by younger people. I don't think that the voting age is, however, a serious concern. The reality is that a tiny percentage of people from 18 to 30 actually vote even though they have a right to vote, meaning that it is older people whose voices are primarily represented in elections.

While I won't be partisan (IE: I'm a member of the site, not a member of any party), I think the existance of this party and others like the Pirate Party of Canada are great to help get younger people involved. If the existance of these parties helps get that 18-30 group into politics, then this is a major win! The up to 18 group can be involved in these parties and politics in so many more important ways than voting, and will then be excited to be voting at 18.