My response to Loreena McKennitt

Musician Loreena McKennitt penned an opinion piece where she spoke about declining revenues for a whole series of largely unrelated industries, and then made two wild unfounded claims: first, that "today's online environment, where piracy is virtually unchecked" was the problem, and second that Bill C-32 was a solution.

While I also welcome copyright reform legislation, it is specifically Bill C-32 that we are talking about. This is not a bill that will provide the legal and market climate to increase sales, but in fact will decrease sales.

Loreena suggests that the "online environment" is the source of her problems. While she is thinking of things like unauthorized filesharing, it could just as easily be misunderstood and misapplied technical measures. In fact, the statistics the music and other copyright industries use to claim harm from infringement do not differentiate infringement, misapplied technical measures, competition with other lawful activities or any other market changes. For all we know, misapplied technical measures is a greater impact, and yet this bill puts these misunderstood technologies above pretty much any other aspect of copyright law.

I invite people to for some answers from a fellow creator (software developer) to frequently asked questions. I hope musicians will take a look, as they are putting their livelihoods at risk by blindly supporting a bill they seem to not have read.