Digital Economy Roundtable - Interim Consensus Submission

The Interim Consensus Submission from those who discussed online and offline about such a submission is now published, and available for endorsement. This is a submission that will be endorsed by many people towards the National Consultations on a Digital Economy Strategy.

I participated (online only), and endorse the submission. There is only one are that I would have used different wording, and that is in "4.3 Balanced copyright". The submission used the language of "A fine balance needs to be struck between the rights of creators/consumers in a wide variety of digital contexts". This could easily be misinterpreted as being similar to when governments talk about a need to strike a balance between the interests of consumers and the rights of the creative community. My experience in the last near decade on this policy has been that the strongest disagreements are between different creators, and that a balance between the interests of different creators is a more important axis to be concerned with in trying to create balanced copyright law.

Update: A video was produced.