Copyright debate turns ugly

CBC's Peter Nowak has another great piece about the debate around Copyright, and how Minister Moore has made things more divisive with his "you are either with us, or against us" style.

I added the following as a comment:

Even before calling people like myself names, he had already blocked me and many others on Twitter. Moore only wants to hear from people who agree with him, not those who disagree? Check out @no_mpjamesmoore for more information.

My major complaints?

"Access" is not something ever contemplated in copyright law over hundreds of years, and so "access controls" should not be protected in C-32. This is language rejected by WIPO during the treaty drafting process, and only pushed by the USA.

What technical measures protect are e-commerce and contracting terms, things which belong in provincial e-commerce and contract law, not federal copyright law. The legal protection must be added to the right law for the checks and balances that our laws offer to work correctly!

C-32 appears to disrespect the 1996 WIPO treaties, the Canadian Constitution, and the checks and balances in our laws. I'm then called a radical for pointing this out.