Has Heritage Minister James Moore blocked you on Twitter?

Follow @no_mpjamesmoore if you been blocked by @mpjamesmoore. The account won't be used for tweets (at least, not often), but a list of those who Mr. Moore doesn't want to hear from.

From the Twitter support site, "Blocking prevents a user from following you, sending you an @reply or @mention, or putting your account on any of their lists."

I'm curious if people feel it is appropriate or inappropriate for a Cabinet Minister to block Canadians who wish to engage the Minister in discussion of policies they are promoting. He appears to be blocking those offering critique in a fully public (so others can evaluate as well) and courteous fashion.

In my case @russellmcormond was blocked, and Mr. Moore claimed to other Canadians in private direct messages I was sending "...endless spam and/or lies and/pr smears and/or hate mail". I publish my letters to the Minister's office (as well as any replies) to this site, and all my interactions with the Minister on Twitter are public. Everything I have written to or about the Minister is available for public view. Individuals can can evaluate what I said, and what Mr. Moore suggested I said, and make your own conclusions as to who might be engaging in what some might consider "pr smears".

As the policy coordinator for Canada's Association for Open Source, I may not be as well funded as representatives of the recording industry, but I should be granted comparable access to the relevant ministers. I suspect if evaluated the commercial FLOSS sector is comparable or possibly larger than the major label recording industry.

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I've been blocked and I've

I've been blocked and I've followed the account. I also created this avatar for james moore, which you can use @no_mpjamesmoore if you like http://i.imgur.com/8DV61.png