DFAIT un-response to ACTA submission

I received the following response from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to my submission to the ACTA consultation.

I find it frustrating that they continue to try to misdirect critiques with a suggestion that it is premature to speculate about any specific measure. My critique is primarily based on the lack of disclosure as well as the merging of entirely unrelated areas of policy (Counterfeiting, "piracy"/de-minimus infringement, Internet/etc issues). These problems were only confirmed by the response, something that is definitely not reassuring.

Dear Mr. McOrmond,

Thank you for your submission of December 18, 2009, expressing your concerns and recommendations regarding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

The ACTA negotiations are being undertaken with a view to establishing global standards for the enforcement of intellectual property rights in order to more effectively combat the increasing trade in counterfeit and pirated goods. Canada is actively participating in the ACTA negotiations to help shape an international agreement that reflects our national interests and the best interests of Canadians. It is in this context
that Canada has been involved in discussions pertaining to an international Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

A broad range of complex issues relating to enforcement is under discussion in these negotiations. It is premature to speculate about any specific measure that the countries would agree to include in an eventual agreement. Please rest assured that Canada's position in the ACTA negotiations is based on and will remain consistent with its domestic legislation and policies.

For more information on Canada's participation in the ACTA negotiations, I invite you to visit the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada website at <link>.

As part of its commitment to transparency, and at your request, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada has posted your submission on its website. If you do not wish for your submission to remain public, please send a message to consultations@international.gc.ca.

Thank you for your continued interest in the ACTA.

BSL Consultations