Answers needed on secret ACTA talks.

Charlie Angus has sent a letter to International Trade Minister Peter Van Loan challenging him to explain how ACTA will impact Canada's domestic copyright policy. Full text of letter is on Charlie's website.

In the letter he asked 9 specific questions for the Minister to respond to:

  • Why the secrecy?
  • Production of mandate letter given to Canada's negotiation team at ACTA?
  • Instructions to negotiators regarding the issues of search and seizing I-pods and laptops at international boarder crossings.
  • Is government willing to impose a "three strikes and you're out" approach to claims of copyright infringement?
  • Instructions to negotiators on U.S.-style "Notice and take down"
  • Instructions to negotiators regarding USTR's push to initiate a secondary liability regime?
  • Does government support the push to remove any flexibility that presently exists under WIPO re: anti-circumvention
  • Interaction between his office, trade officials and staff at Industry and Heritage (mandated on Copyright)
  • Why developing countries not included in ACTA?