CES and the future of television

I normally don't follow the Consumer Electronics Show, but this year is different. The way in which it is different for me is also part of the story of the show.

I've been watching coverage of the show via the live stream from This Week in Tech. As well as this, I have Rhythmbox (an Audio/Video tool that supports RSS) automatically downloading both the MP3 audio and the Video downloads for their TWiT Live @CES.

Full article on IT World Canada's blog >>>

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re: CES and the future of television

That is great since I love to watch some television especially movies. By the way, it appears that Spiderman 4 is no more. It has ceased to be. Tobey Maguire won't be donning the – tights – again, and Sam Raimi won't be helming the picture, or writing, or involved in any way shape or form. Granted, this means no more Bruce Campbell cameos. (That is a shame.) This also means no one wastes payday loans, or whatever money, on any superhero films involving a song and dance number. (Spiderman 3 was LAME.) Maybe it was time they all were fired, the first and last of the series were lousy – and supposedly we'll see a reboot in 2012.