Year end political donation to Charlie Angus.

I made a year end political donation of $600 to the campaign of author, broadcaster, editor, journalist, musician, negotiator, singer, and Timmins--James Bay MP Charlie Angus. Added to my earlier $500 donation this brings me to the maximum of $1100 that can be donated.

I believe if you read other articles on this site attached to the Timmins-James Bay riding you will understand why I am donating to Mr Angus, if you don't already know. Out of the 308 sitting MPs he is the one that has the most modern and advanced thinking on technology law and laws regulating and promoting creativity. I make this donation to Mr. Angus regardless of the party he is associated with, not because of the party.

Thank you Mr. Angus for the great work you do on behalf of Canadian creators, their fans/users, and all other information technology owners.