PM seeks Parliament shutdown until March

Press release via "Throne Speech on March 3 and a federal Budget on March 4."

Articles: CBC, CTV, Canwest Global.

I'm of mixed feelings about this. I believe it is a cynical move by the government because they want to receive the maximum "positive" impact from the Olympics, appoint more highly partisan senators, and hide from the detainee question. On the other hand, it delays the introduction of Copyright just that much longer, and as we have observed the longer the delay the more Canadians become aware of what is really happening (IE: proposals from intermediaries like DRM/ISP liability/etc aren't about protecting the interests of creators, but protecting incumbents from economic progress).

Looking at a list of bills for the second session, I notice some of the same tech related bills that Michael Geist notes.

In addition I notice that the controversial Bill C-6 "An Act respecting the safety of consumer products" also didn't receive royal assent. I agree with the majority of this bill, but believe government was too lessez-fair when it comes to a lack of judicial oversight of inspectors inspecting home based businesses. This was a bit of an eye opener for me as I thought these Conservatives were the type that would be much stronger on protecting private property rights from potentially excessive search and seizure. This is why we require highly trained police to receive search warrants, so less trained inspectors should receive far more restricted access.

For more, check out some YouTube Videos such as: Restricting Our Freedoms - Shawn Buckley About Bill C-6 part 1, part 2.