Intellectual Property Office of Environment Canada shuts down critics site?

According to a Hearst Seattle Media blog article, Mike Landreville, an advisor in the Intellectual Property Office of Environment Canada sent a letter to German Internet Service Provider (ISP) Serveloft requesting that the sites "" and "" be removed. Without any judicial oversight of any alleged infringement claim (not that I can think of any legitimate claim for these spoof/paridy sites), the ISP shut off the range of IP addresses that served those sites as well as 4,500 other Web sites that had nothing to do with the spoof.

Whatever you think of the prank/spoof, this is obviously over-reaching by a Environment Canada bureaucrat and incompetence on the part of an ISP who removes websites due to random requests. This might be another Hoax given the claims originated from the Yes Men, but this would not have been the first time an ISP shut down an IP address range without judicial oversight based on a letter from someone alleging to be a lawyer.