November 9, 2009, By-election results

The New MPs are:
  • New Westminster--Coquitlam: Fin Donnelly of the NDP with 49.6% of the vote and 29.9% voter turnout.
  • Montmagny--L'Islet--Kamouraska--Rivière-du-Loup: Bernard Généreux of the Conservative party with 42.7% of the vote and 36.6% voter turnout.
  • Hochelaga: Daniel Paillé of the Bloc Québécois with 51.2% of the vote and 22.3% voter turnout.
  • Cumberland--Colchester--Musquodoboit Valley: Scott Armstrong of the Conservative party with 45.8 45.8% of the vote and 35.7% voter turnout.