The Tyranny of Rights

I will be posting further thoughts later, but wanted people to know that this book is now available online.

In keeping with our policy on copyright, and in consideration of readers in remote areas, the entire text is also available for free download here.

At the book launch I had a chance to add a few comments. Anyone who has heard the phrase "your right to swing your cane ends at my nose" recognises that rights must have limits, and that rights often come into conflict with other rights. The issue that brought me into the "Copyright" debate was the conflict between the excessive demands of some copyright holders to control technology and the tangible property rights of the owners of this technology. While I don't consider this to be legitimate copyright, and don't recognise the moral or legal claim to this control, this attack on property rights is being perpetrated under the (largely false) claim to be protecting "authors rights". I became involved in this issue as I recognised that my nose was already being hit by their cane, and thus have come to be critical of those abusing "rights" claims.