Marketers want anti-spam bill altered

The CBC article Marketers want anti-spam bill altered contains an interesting notes from the Liberal critic of consumers:

Liberal consumer affairs critic Dan McTeague told CBCNews he doesn't know what the position of his party is, but that he personally supports the Conservative bill, "warts and all."

"The intention is to really send a message that Canada can no longer be a haven for spam. It is extremely debilitating to business," he said. "It's legislation that is long overdue."

McTeague, who introduced his own anti-spam bill in 2002 but did not get it passed, said he had not seen the latest proposed amendments but added that the opt-in clause was vital.

"It's a critical clause because without it, what's the point of having the legislation?"

I think his views on unauthorized installation of software by third parties would be far more telling, given he normally lobbies on the side of these miscreants (especially those in the "entertainment" industry).