Creators protecting our public domain

Tomorrow, Sunday September 13'th, is the last day make your voice heard in the 2009 copyright consultation.

One of the key ways in which copyright is balanced between the interests of past creators and future creators is through the limited term of copyright. While the current term of copyright is excessively long, and appears to be expanded in the USA every time Mickey Mouse is about to become part of the public domain, copyright is intended to eventually expire.

Since all creativity builds upon the past it is critical that we grow the public domain. Any policy that allows works to clearly enter into the public domain to benefit new creativity, without harming the legitimate interests of past creators, should be pursued. We are quickly moving away from a time when the activities which copyright regulated were corporate in nature and having a floor full of lawyers doing copyright clearance was reasonable. We need to modernize cultural recycling into the public domain to match this new reality.

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