Should Michael Ignatieff join Fair Copyright? I'd vote Yes.

When Michael Ignatieff re-joined the Writers Union of Canada during the Copyright consultation I thought: Great, another misinformed politician who thinks that what the Writers Union is asking for in the Copyright debate will actually help Canadian writers. I finally listened to the August 10'th episode of TVO's Search Engine where 11 minutes and 50 seconds in Jesse Brown offers his own commentary on why Mr. Ignatieff is more of a counter-example to what the union is saying.

The Writers Union submission to the consultation is toned down from past briefs on the question of 1996 WIPO treaties and legal protection for technological measures. Even though these things harm the interests of authors, they do not speak out against them. What they largely speak out against is expansion of Fair Dealings towards a living Fair Use regime, even though most fair use concepts are there to protect the interests of authors.

The submission reads as if their interests were the same as those of Access Copyright, which isn't great for any writers seeking to exploit alternative methods of production, distribution and funding. I wrote against their proposal to collect levies from the Internet on the back of other authors in my critique of Marian Hebb's Georgia Straight article.