Jesse's Search Engine, and this BLOG being quiet...

I'm going to link two seemingly unrelated things. First, check out the last episode of CBC's Search Engine where Jesse Brown and Michael Geist discuss how the Obama administration has embarrassed itself by elevating Canada to their priority watchlist for Copyright. By any objective fact-based analysis Canada shouldn't be on the list at all, and yet this unsubstantiated lobbiest document from the Obama administration unfairly puts Canada in the company of countries that are a real problem to the economic interests of the US "Intellectual Property" lobby. Not Change we can believe in, but Change for the worse?

Then check out an interview between Jesse and Mike Miner about TVO's Search Engine.

How does this relate to this BLOG being quiet? Well, it doesn't. I have been asked a few times recently if the copyright file is dead, and if we no longer have to be active. I believe Jesse's interview of Michael should alert people to the fact that Copyright is going to become more of an issue given the increased pressure of the Obama administration, and that they need to become more active -- not less.

This BLOG, however, was previously dominated by my own participation. Since 2001 I have been investing my time (more time than I put to paying customers) on policy related issues such as Copyright, Patents, Open Access, Free/Libre and Open Source Software. While these issues remain very important to me, I'm taking a bit of a breather. I'm currently working full time at Agriculture Canada doing work that includes the Open Source Geospacial stack such as OpenLayers, Mapserver, and GDAL/OGR. I'm also learning about software from ESRI, which is the "Microsoft" of the geospacial marketplace (the dominant non-FLOSS vendor), but as much as I'm allowed I focus on the FLOSS on Linux components that I was primarily hired to work on.

My hope is that this will allow me to come back full force at some later date with both my energy levels and bank account replenished. I'm still going to be following these areas of policy (so if you are a reporter reading this, please still call ;-), I just won't be spending the time writing that I did in the past.

I hope other people in the community that has formed around will become more involved. There are many things that can be done from blogging about the increasing activities, to helping maintain databases (IE: the MP contact database hasn't been updated since the Election) and software/design for the site.

You all know how to contact me.


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No Problem

There are times in our lives that we simply can't go online and write stuff. Drew Wilson had to take a couple months off himself not too long ago, so it's not uncommon for writers that talk about copyright to be forced to disappear for a period of time. Just make sure it doesn't wind up being perminant. :)