Why won't the movie and television studios accept my money?

I would gladly pay a hefty monthly fee for this wonderful service—if someone would take my money. In reality, I pay nothing because no company sells such a plan.

This quote is from a Slate article by Farhad Manjoo. While my personal choice is to simply not watch the movies/shows that are not offered to me rather than accessing them for free, I totally understand this situation. It is frustrating that these companies spend so much money on lobbying incorrectly claiming that infringement is the top reason for downturns in revenue.

This article details a common situation which is that the real problem is with contracts on the production side of the equation, not copyright infringement on the audience side. Revenues will continue to decline until those contracts allow audiences to access that content in a form/format that people are wanting to pay for. No amount of copyright reform can 'fix' that contractual problem, and in fact given what is currently being asked for by the lobbiests it will only get worse.