Is Four


Today we are four. On 13 October 2000 Sun Microsystems donated the source to StarOffice to the open-source community.

Read more... is the reference implimentation of the OASIS open office XML standard. This is an important standard to break free of vendor dependance for office productivity software such as Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and graphics.

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OpenOffice Looking Better All the Time

This eWeek article by Sean Gallagher gives a good review.

That's because OpenOffice is out-Microsofting Microsoft. In the 1990s, Microsoft laid waste to its word processing and office automation competitors by being good enough—providing 80 percent of the functionality of the other products, while being cheaper by virtue of being bundled. WordPerfect (and then Corel) and Lotus never recovered.

I had some slides for a presentation last year which may be interesting as well. I'm willing to do presentations on this to policy makers and/or potential customers in the Ottawa area. I believe that getting onto the desktop is far more useful and interesting than getting Linux onto the desktop.

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