Historical time.

I need to comment on this historical time, with the USA electing President Barack Hussein Obama II. I believe it marks an important point in the USA's history in particular, but also in the world. The relationship between the US and the world community has been strained, and I think that President Obama has some unique qualities to try to improve that relationship.

I am not without some reservations, of course. Along with the vote of support for Obama has come more Democrat support in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Democrats have historically been the worst on the areas of policy I follow the most, which is technology law such as copyright. It was under Clinton/Gore that we saw the NII implementation bill. While it failed, it was policy laundered by the bureaucrats of that presidency through WIPO and then passed as the USA's DMCA. This act does not protect the rights of creators of works of the mind, but is a fundamentally protectionist bill that seeks to protect incumbent US entertainment and technology companies from modernizing change that would otherwise be brought by the world's greatest creators and innovators.

It is clear this protectionism is not well understood, given the Conservative Party of Canada has expressed a desire to pass even worse protectionist legislation in Canada. It is quite possible that this stronger Democrat House and Senate may put a renewed focus on this type of protectionism, dragging down the confused leadership of other countries with them.

Obama does bring hope. He is a leader that may just listen to the smart company he keeps, and avoid the harm to the US and beyond that comes from this type of protectionism. Sometimes old ways of doing things have to disappear to make way for the new, and that applies just as much to outdated ways of doing business as it does to other outdated ideas. We saw a major change in Canada's New Democratic Party on technology law when Charlie Angus joined their team, and it may just be possible to see the same type of change in the US Democratic Party. Part of this being a historical time is that it brings us into unchartered waters that will bring some bad with the good.